Become an ACES E-Mentor

Are you looking to be a positive influence in a student's life? 

ACES e-mentoring program cultivates strong mentor-mentee relationships between middle school students and positive adult role models. E-mentors receive prompts each week that guide email conversations with ACES students about college and career paths.


About E-Mentoring

Each year, ACES middle school students have the opportunity to exchange emails with an adult mentor in the community. Every week, students exchange an email with their mentor. Mentors and mentees are given weekly discussion prompts that cover topics like college, career, hobbies, goal-setting, and leadership. E-mentoring helps ACES students reflect on what they’re learning in the ACES classroom, connect with a positive adult role model, practice their writing skills, and build crucial social-emotional skills. 

Interested in being an e-mentor? Contact Clare Eisenberg or Sara Schmidt at