2016 Highlights


ACES Pilots New Sports Math Curriculum

In fall 2015, ACES rolled out a new, refocused curriculum, combining the fun of athletics with structured social-emotional learning and math activities. Lessons allow students learn about persistence and teamwork through the study of boundary-breaking athletes in history, as well as academic concepts in budgeting for and designing a model sports stadium.

ACES Program Expansion

ACES expanded program for the 2015-16 school year, running a total of 13 programs across both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Additionally, summer program options also grew with 5 different sites offering ACES programs. A total of 800 students were served!

YIP Awards Grant to ACES

ACES was selected to receive a two-year Youth Intervention Program grant through the Office of Justice Programs at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety as part of an initiative to invest in quality youth programs. The grant is designed to support approaches which forward student success in school, work and life.