2016 Highlights


ACES Pilots Youth Advisory Council

This year ACES has piloted a Youth Advisory council, an initiative that creates opportunities for young people to build leadership skills and have a voice in the development and coordination of ACES programming. The program consists of a group of 8 ACES students, alumni, and youth volunteers who meet monthly as a cohort.


E-mentoring: Year 2

A second successful year of our new online mentoring program has just wrapped up! We had over 100 mentors participate and saw some amazing things happen. The e-mentoring program aims to cultivate strong mentor-mentee relationships between ACES’ middle school students and positive role models.


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Throughout the past year, ACES students have had the opportunity to participate in a myriad of different field trip and engagement opportunities outside of the classroom. Continued partnerships with the professional sports teams in Minnesota has allowed ACES students to attend games, practices, stadium tours, and more!