Volunteer Spotlight!

In many of our ACES classrooms, volunteers show up every week with a smiling face, ready to engage kiddos in learning. We believe that dedication should be recognized, so we are shining a spotlight on Hans Storvick, who has volunteered this school year with ACES at Ramsey Middle School. We asked him some questions about his experience:

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: I am an international tax analyst at General Mills, so I work on computing our yearly taxes and filing US tax returns for our international companies. For fun, I really enjoy cheering on our Minnesota sports teams, whether in person or on TV. My wife, Amy and I are expecting a baby girl to arrive in the next couple of weeks, so we are very much preparing for the excitement of being first time parents.

Q: What brought you to ACES? 

A: When I was a student athlete at the U of M, I was exposed to a lot of volunteer opportunities, and I wanted to find a way to be involved again. I do believe that finding topics that really interest students, like sports, can really help to engage them in learning. I thought this was the perfect program for me to participate in. 

Q: What have you enjoyed or learned from volunteering with ACES?

A: I have particularly enjoyed the times when I have been able to engage with a student one-on-one and get to know them more. It was also a learning experience to be back in a classroom as an adult and see the incredibly difficult job teachers have both during school and in after-school programs. I think we need more Ms. Marias (ACES staff) in this world, because it’s her and so many others who are shaping our next generation and making a difference in their lives every day.

Misha EvertzComment