Fishing Expedition with Rapala and Minnesota Bound

by Jenn Schultz

A couple weeks ago, Minnesota Bound, a local television series, and Rapala, a manufacturer of fishing gear, took two of our ACES students out on a fishing expedition. Jahari and Jaylen had never been fishing before, so they were ecstatic about the opportunity to go out in a fishing boat and hopefully get their first catch!

Jaylen dreamed big and set a goal of catching eight fish while out on their expedition. Jahari didn’t care how many fish he caught; he just wanted to catch at least one really big one! Both boys showed a lot of patience and determination while practicing the fishing techniques their guides taught them. They also showed great teamwork and sportsmanship, cheering each other on and congratulating each other after each catch!

Their determination paid off with a very successful day of fishing. They actually achieved their goal by catching nine fish between them! To celebrate, they jumped off the boat and took a refreshing swim in the lake.

When they returned to the dock, both boys were gifted with new fishing poles and bait by Rapala. Opportunities like these are not always possible for our ACES students. We are thankful for partners like Rapala and Minnesota Bound, who support our mission of providing equitable resources to our youth.

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